Reboot 2020 Conference

Date: Nov. 06, 2020 - Nov. 10, 2020
Time: All Day

About this Event

The United States led the world into the Digital Age. But do we have a vision for what comes next? COVID-19 has only accelerated trends that have forced Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. to confront their inability to build new institutions to confront the challenges of the 2020s. Are we still the nation of big ideas and grand projects, or will other countries carry history forward?

Over three days, Lincoln Network will bring together technologists, founders, politicos, policymakers, and investors – with sessions featuring presentations from leading voices in technology and policy. Sessions will run each day from 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET to 3:00pm PT / 6:00pm ET.

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Day One:

Tech Policy in 2021 and Beyond:This day’s sessions will feature discussions about the future of technology policy in Washington, D.C. following a historically contentious election.

Day Two:

The View from Silicon Valley: This day’s sessions will focus on a Silicon Valley upended by COVID-19 and a backlash against technology’s impact on society.

Day Three:

Tech and the Future of News: This day’s sessions will explore the future of a news industry disrupted by technological change.

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Dan Lips
VP for National Security and Oversight
Garret Johnson Lincoln Executive Director
Garrett Johnson
Executive Director
Zach Graves
Head of Policy
Sean Roberts
Senior Advisor
J. Scott McKaig
CFO and General Counsel
Arthur Rizer
Senior Advisor
Grace Meyer
Chief Operating Officer
Marshall Kosloff
Director of Outreach and Media
Luke Hogg
Policy Manager