Personal Liability for Tech Executives? A New Front in the Techlash

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Date: Jul. 19, 2019
Time: All Day

The Commonwealth Club

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considering holding executives personally liable when a tech company’s privacy practices are unfair or deceptive. When is personal liability appropriate and what does the FTC’s new stance mean for the technology sector?

Join Lincoln Network for lunch and a panel discussion with experts on the threat of billion-dollar fines and personal liability litigation against the tech industry. Lunch will begin at noon. Registration is required.


  • Ryan Radia, senior policy counsel, Lincoln Network
  • Berin Szoka, founder and president, TechFreedom
  • Gerry Stegmaier, partner (Tech and IP), ReedSmith LLP
  • Catherine Gellis, attorney/outside policy counsel


Commonwealth Club
110 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94105

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