Tech Legislation Presents Opportunity for Republican Unity

This piece was originally published in the Deseret News.

House Republicans had a rough start to the new year, with internal squabbles delaying the instatement of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Now, Republicans have to find a rallying point — otherwise, they risk wasting the next two years. Thankfully, one proposal provides a clear path toward building unity in Congress: the Tougher Enforcement Against Monopolies Act from Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

Growing animosity towards large online platforms and Democrats’ inability to pass significant legislation in the last Congress presents just the opportunity Republicans need to gain momentum in the House. More importantly, distrust of large online platforms is one of the few issues that the vast majority of lawmakers already agree on. 

When Democrats won the White House and cemented control of Congress in 2020, they promised to address growing public distrust of large tech platforms by using their supermajority to rein in Big Tech. Some Democrats even went so far as to call for Rooseveltian trust-busting that would have dismantled many of the platforms that users have come to enjoy and rely on.  

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