Immigration Could Decide the U.S.-China Artificial Intelligence Race

The National Interest

One of the most important components of the U.S.-China rivalry for tech dominance is the global competition for talented scientists and engineers. Federal legislation currently being negotiated could help give the United States a competitive edge if an important provision makes it into the final package.

For months, Congress has been hard at work on legislation aimed at “[turbocharging] America’s scientific research and technological leadership, and [strengthening] America’s economic and national security.” Dubbed the America COMPETES Act in the House and the United States Innovation and Competition Act in the Senate, the overarching goal of these bills is to boost the United States’ global competitiveness. This package currently being conferenced could include up to $52 billion of subsidies for domestic semiconductor manufacturers, $45 billion for supply chain resiliency, and significant funding for scientific research and development. But tucked away in Section 80303 of the House-passed version is a provision that could have a major impact on how the United States attracts top talent from abroad.

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