Leveraging Technology to Improve How People Communicate with Their Representatives in Congress

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In 2021, the political parties on Capitol Hill have found little common ground. Yet they do agree on at least one key point: Congress needs to work better. 

Few congressional responsibilities are more vital than lawmakers’ interactions with their constituents. Constituents provide significant input in shaping a member’s oversight and legislative work. Members engage with state and local officials and other stakeholders to ensure legislation meets the needs of the district. Finally, members help constituents get the help they need from the federal government

House technologies that support constituent interactions lag state-of-the-art technologies commonly used to manage customer service interactions by private sector organizations. While not every technique used in the commercial sector is appropriate for Congress, the House should determine where technology can appropriately improve interaction with constituents so their input and concerns can be addressed more effectively

In a new Lincoln Network policy brief, Using Technology to Improve Constituents’ Interactions with Congress: Recommendations for Improving Constituent Management Systems fo the House of Representatives, Reynold Schweickhardt presents recommendations for specific lines-of-effort to improve congressional office’s systems for managing constituent interactions.

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