Lincoln welcomes Antonio García Martínez as senior fellow

WASHINGTON (Nov. 10, 2021) – Lincoln Network is excited to announce the hiring of Antonio García Martínez as senior fellow on its policy team. In this role, he will focus on the intersection of technology, media, and digital free expression.

Antonio brings a wealth of experience to Lincoln, having been the founder of a YC-backed startup, the first product manager for targeted advertising at Facebook, the author of The New York Times best-selling Chaos Monkeys (2016), a Wired columnist, an advisor at Twitter, a quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs, and (a very brief stint) at Apple’s advertising team.

“We’ve been big fans of Antonio’s work for a long time, and we’re elated to be able to support that work and welcome him to our team,“ said Garrett Johnson, Lincoln’s executive director. Adding, “I can think of no better person to further Lincoln’s mission of bridging the divide between the two cultures of Silicon Valley and DC.” 

While at Lincoln, Antonio will continue to publish through his Substack, The Pull Request; author new articles on technology policy; and work on his next book. To keep up with Antonio’s work, make sure to subscribe to his Substack, and follow him on Twitter.

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