Announcing the second Policy Hackers cohort

We’re excited announce Lincoln Network’s second cohort of Policy Hackers–10 tech professionals from around the country passionate about helping bridge the gap between innovators and policymakers.

Fellows will remain in their current roles while engaging with policy experts, lobbyists, academics, and government officials throughout the year-long program. The programming is aimed at helping fellows build the skills to navigate and engage effectively in the policy arena, while developing a principled framework for thinking about the regulation of emerging technologies.

The program will kick off with a summit in Washington, DC on September 15-17. This event will feature sessions with leading policy scholars, meetings with government officials, and social events. All in-person events will follow city and CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety, including masking and social distancing. Learn more about the program at

Meet our 2021-2022 Policy Hackers cohort:

Alec Resnick

Policy Hacker

Director, Powderhouse

Alec Resnick is a co-founder and Director of Powderhouse, a research and design institute and public high school outside Boston devoted to inventing the future of learning.

Brian de Luna

Policy Hacker

Senior Data Scientist, Airbnb

Brian de Luna is a data scientist in San Francisco. Over the past four years he’s worked at Airbnb, helping to scale the marketplace’s user growth channels and measure investment tradeoffs across supply and demand. In October he will be joining Faire, a wholesale marketplace startup. He’s interested in how government can modernize its tech stack and learn best practices from industry to improve policy outcomes. Outside of work, he enjoys being extremely mediocre at various outdoor activities, including (but not limited to) running, surfing, and backpacking.

Ryan Mease

Policy Hacker

Software Engineer, Apple

Ryan Mease is a software engineer at Apple, where he builds A/B experimentation tooling for search and recommendation algorithms, supporting services like App Store, Music and Podcasts. He has also worked as staff at Airbus and Stanford University. Before falling in love with software, Ryan earned a BA in Classics at the University of Chicago. His hobbies include photography, reading and weightlifting.

Jeba Sania

Policy Hacker

Associate Product Manager, Schmidt Futures

Prior to Schmidt Futures, Jeba interned at the World Bank writing about practical AI tools educators and practitioners could leverage. Previously she has researched state hate crime policy for CAIR-AZ and helped develop a rural road index for Sela Labs through satellite images. She has also interned in software engineering and data science roles supporting JP Morgan and Chase’s high-frequency trading platform, NASA’s Orion Spacecraft, and Edrak’s learning platform in Amman.

Jeba has a B.S in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as a minor in Brain and Cognitive Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

John Dulin

Policy Hacker

CEO, Modern Intelligence

John Dulin is the CEO and Co-founder of Modern Intelligence. Modern builds breakthrough modular AI for defense. Previously, he worked at Numerai and Freenome. He lives in Austin.

Mitch Fernandez

Policy Hacker

Data Science Project Manager, SFL Scientific

Mitch Fernandez is a computational biologist. As a Data Science Project Manager, Mitch currently coordinate clients with data science and engineering teams to execute AI solution development. He earned his M.S. in bioinformatics at the University of Michigan with funding from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. His research topics ranged from neuroplasticity and motor learning using augmented reality feedback systems to metabolomics of aging in mice using frequent pattern mining and machine learning techniques. Mitch had successful careers in military intelligence and computer networking before deciding to investigate biology as an information science. He has served on the board of directors of a nonprofit business consulting group, was CTO of a small biotech company using gene therapy for human life extension, and was a project manager for an enterprise bioinformatics software company. He is an advanced martial artist, a fan of science fiction, and an animal lover.

Nick Armstrong

Policy Hacker

President, General Fabrication

Nick is the cofounder of General Fabrication, Inc., a robotics startup that aims to democratize industrial production. He is an outspoken advocate for decentralized manufacturing and closed loop industry. When he isn’t working on robots, Nick can be found enjoying the fresh air somewhere near the coast of Lake Michigan.

Wes Hurd

Policy Hacker

Senior Detection Engineer, Red Canary

Wes Hurd is a Senior Detection Engineer at Red Canary, where he assists them in their mission of protecting organizations from cyber threats. He has spent his career as a programmer and information security analyst, and is passionate about working toward good, holistic policy to reinforce outcomes, and the importance of policy in making technology operate for the good of all. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors and reading more books than he can finish.

Nicole Ruiz

Policy Hacker

Investor, Compound VC

Nicole (Williams) Ruiz is an investor at Compound – a seed stage frontier tech venture capital firm. She is interested in all areas of frontier tech but is focused on ML/AI, as well as federated learning, game engines, healthcare, quantum computing and quantum sensing. Previously she worked at an organization running experimental educational initiatives on cutting edge STEM domains with organizations like NASA, DARPA, ARPA-E and the NIH; and also spent time researching applications of privacy preserving ML to the healthcare diagnosis process. Nicole is based in NYC, and invests globally.

We’d like to thank the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as well as other Lincoln donors, for making the second year of this program possible.

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