Why GAO is Congress’s Best Investment

The Federalist Society

A new report examines the Congressional watchdog’s return-on-investment

Facing a December 11 deadline to fund the federal government, Congress must finalize its annual spending bills or punt those negotiations into the new year. As lawmakers negotiate on Capitol Hill, taxpayers should keep an eye on one small line item in the federal budget. 

Last year, taxpayers spent $640 million dollars on the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Led by Comptroller General Gene Dodaro, GAO serves as Congress’s watchdog, conducting oversight of federal agencies and advising members of Congress. 

This week, the Comptroller General released his annual “performance and accountability” report, which details the office’s annual return-on-investment. In 2020, GAO estimated that its work resulted in $77.6 billion in financial benefits to the government. That’s a return of $114 in savings for every dollar spent on the watchdog agency.

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