Tech Initiatives Helping the Nation During COVID-19

Here at Lincoln, we believe technologists and innovators have an important role to play in addressing our nation’s most pressing problems. So we wanted to highlight tech companies that are supporting our nation and providing services to communities that are struggling.

We’ve created a Wiki highlighting the ways that the industry has mobilized to confront the virus. Initiatives vary from Apple and Google’s contract-tracing project to Discord’s offer of free, invite-only class space for educators, and Facebook’s $100 million commitment to support the news industry.

This pandemic has shown us that public-private cooperation can overcome regulatory and bureaucratic lag while still spurring enterprise and entrepreneurship; polling indicates that Americans are beginning to hold more positive views of the tech industry since the start of the crisis. Unique combinations of tech firms, universities, laboratories, governments, and countries have partnered up to solve our most pressing problems. Let’s keep this same energy post-pandemic.

Click here to read what firms are doing during the pandemic and feel free to reach out to us if we’ve missed something.

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