Federal News Radio–Should GAO Get More Funding?

Federal News Radio’s Tom Temin recently interviewed the Lincoln Network’s Dan Lips and the R Street Institute’s Tony Mills to discuss the Government Accountability Office’s 2020 budget:

“Imagine an organization with the mission of finding fault with nearly everything everyone else does. In a nutshell, that’s exactly what the Government Accountability Office does. And it’s a good thing. In fact, Dan Lips and Tony Mills argue the highly productive GAO should get even more funding.

You can listen to the Federal Drive interview here.

In a December op-ed for The Hill, Lincoln Network’s Garrett Johnson and Mills applauded Congress’s decision to boost its watchdog’s budget:

“It may seem counterintuitive to ask fiscal conservatives to support expanding Congress’s capabilities, especially at a time when resources are scarce and the national debt is $23 trillion,” Johnson and Mills wrote. “But investing in GAO will yield long-term savings and better equip the Constitution’s first branch to do its job.” 

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