Re: Options for Congressional Technology Modernization

This bipartisan coalition letter, organized by Lincoln Network and Demand Progress, was sent to the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress on April 8, 2019. It offers a series of recommendations for improving information technology in Congress. Click here to read it.

Signatories include:

Zach Graves
Head of Policy, Lincoln Network

Daniel Schuman
Policy Director, Demand Progress

Joshua Tauberer

John Wonderlich
Executive Director, Sunlight Foundation

Kevin Kosar
Vice President of Policy, R Street Institute

Marci Harris

David Eaves
Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School

Alexander B. Howard

Robert Cook-Deegan
Professor, Arizona State University

Matt Glassman
Lecturer, Claremont-McKenna College

Grayson Kinsella
Chair, Public Policy Committee, Quorum

Michele Stockwell
Executive Director, BPC Action

Joseph Nelson
Managing Director, ROC AUC, LLC; Founder, Reprently

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Dan Lips
Director of Cyber and National Security
Grace Meyer
Head of Development
Garret Johnson Lincoln Executive Director
Garrett Johnson
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Zach Graves
Head of Policy
Sean Roberts
Chief Technologist
Alexiaa Jordan
Policy Analyst
J. Scott McKaig
CFO and General Counsel
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