Lincoln Network and Morning Consult Poll on Technology Platforms and the 2020 Election

From August 1st to 3rd, 2019, Lincoln Network in conjunction with Morning Consult polled Republican voters on a series of questions regarding the major technology/social media platforms (including Google, Facebook, and Twitter) in order to decipher what impact voter opinion could have on the 2020 elections. The data shows that, overwhelmingly, Republican voters approve of President Trump, while remaining split on concerns regarding Big Tech’s perceived anti-conservative bias and proposed solutions. Most importantly, the data shows a Republican electorate that is open to greater levels of content moderation, especially when it comes to depictions of pornography, graphic violence, and anti-American rhetoric on the social media platforms.

You can view Morning Consult’s prepared deck on the polling data here.

Topline numbers can be found here, and the crosstabs here.

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