Event: Enhanced S&T Capacity in Congress Exploring Key Issues and Pathways

Lincoln Network and Bipartisan Policy Center recently teamed up to host a policy forum on enhancing science and technology expertise and capacity in Congress. Watch the full event below.


Yuri Beckelman
Deputy Chief of Staff, Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA)

Dr. Robert Cook-Deegan
Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University

Adam Keiper
Senior Editor, The New Atlantis

Nancy Ognanovich
Senior Congressional Correspondent, Bloomberg Government

Dr. Tim Persons
Chief Scientist, Government Accountability Office

Daniel Schuman
Policy Director, Demand Progress

Dr. Deborah Stine
President, Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Analysis and Education

Dr. Jon Tucker
Project Director and Senior Analyst, National Academy of Public Administration

Read the full bios here. 

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