Call for guest bloggers

With the recent launch of our policy website and blog, Lincoln Network is seeking to expand its roster of guest contributors in DC, Silicon Valley, and other tech/policy hubs. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Silicon Valley vs. DC culture and translation problems ???️
  • Hot takes on tech policy issues in the news ?‍♂️?
  • Conservative landscape mapping on tech policy ??️
  • Techlash and related policy issues ??️
  • Venture capital policy issues ???
  • Promoting more hard tech (atoms vs. bits) ⚛️??️
  • The role of federal R&D spending in promoting innovation ?️??
  • Novel approaches to promote economic growth / Progress studies ?
  • Concentrated platform power vs. decentralized Internet ??️
  • Policy divide between big tech and startups, mid-cap, VCs ???️?️
  • Innovation governance and institutional design / institutional vs. technical challenges for innovation ?️?
  • Edge cases for permissionless innovation ???
  • New governance approaches to innovation and SEZs ??️
  • Importing Singaporean policy ideas ???
  • Out-innovating China / American competitiveness ?????
  • Defense tech, DARPA, In-Q-Tel, and related issues ?️✈️?
  • Technical talent acquisition and expertise in government ?️?️
  • Technology ethics from a pro-innovation perspective ⚖️?️?
  • Synthetic biology, crypto, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies. ⛓️?⚛️
  • Innovation policy issues not covered by mainstream DC think tanks ??

Blog submissions should be between 750-1500 words, although longer pieces will sometimes be accepted or considered for publication as white papers. Our typical compensation for articles is $200-600 per piece depending on length, frequency, and seniority.

To apply please fill out this form with your bio, writing sample, and list of article ideas.


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