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The United States economy is barely growing. The engine of economic growth, entrepreneurship, and new firm creation has been declining for the past three decades. Today, we are the lobbyists for the future, advocating on behalf of start-ups that don’t exist yet. We can grow the economy through unleashing the full forces of innovation across the economy.

This report will focus on policy areas that are in urgent need of serious reform, but despite the urgency of reform they still don’t exist in Washington. Thus given the goals of this report, it will ignore some major areas of innovation policy that are fairly represented in Washington to focus on the start-ups of the future that need a voice now.

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  • How to open the $6.2 trillion government sector to competition through technology, consulting-style management and competitive bidding
  • How to reform the primary way the government regulates innovation
  • A novel proposal to systematically remove old and outdated laws and regulations stifling competition and innovation

This study was authored by Garrett Johnson, Derek Khanna, and Chris Abrams.

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